Volcanic Ash Patchouli – hippy era natural soap!

Volcanic Ash Patchouli – hippy era natural soap!
Today, Volcanic Ash Clay and Patchouli is the best kept secret .

Some people consider it to have long associations with the hippy era but the truth of the matter is that Patchouli essential oil has some wonderful health benefits .
Patchouli essential oil has many therapeutic qualities including:
Anti-depressant and
A little Volcanic – Patchouli soap history Naturalhandcraftedsoap.com

Volcanic Ash Clay has been embraced throughout history for its extraordinary health and cosmetic benefits.
The ancient tribes of central Africa, North American Indians, and the spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi all praised clay for a multitude of uses. Even Cleopatra made Volcanic Ash Clay a part of her daily beauty regimen.

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Coffee Fanatics… For some, coffee

Coffee is simply the way to wake up in the morning and start the day.
I’m Start my day showering with Natural
Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap with Coffee Butter and Cafe au Lait French Soap
I LOVE this coffee scent. I am addicted!!!

This coffee soap is a great soap to make for cooks fanatics and coffee lovers alike – it removes garlic and fish odors from hands .

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A coffee house in Tokyo is offering its customers a new breed of dining experience – a cafe that boasts its own in-house fleet of pet rabbits.

coffee soap | eBay

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Natural Handcrafted Soap brings history to life

Santa Lucia was a farmer’s daughter from Murari’s Borba, born in Italy 1904, who pioneered the natural handcrafted soap industry with essential oils in Brazil.
Nick’s partner Crismanis , who hails from Brazil, was handed down recipes from her grandmother Santa Lucia ,that included natural ingredients from the rain forest for soaps that really make a difference on one’s skin.

Scented to match Natural handcrafted Soap beloved Spring Flower fragrance for women, this generously sized 6 ounce bar of Provence Lavender / Jasmine soap lathers gloriously and rinses easily away, leaving skin clean and fresh, ready for next steps in your Natural regimen.

Natural handcrafted Soap –

Sea Moss with Sea Kelp tropic-fresh Virgin Island that won four of five stars from the Virgin Island Magazine, this big sized bar of hand crafted soap lathers richly and rinses easily away, leaving skin clean and lightly fragrant before work, at the gym, on the road or evening out.

Natural handcrafted Soap –

Women’s World Magazine

As Seen in Women’s World Magazine

Our Brazilian Espresso Luxury Scrub Bar with Cocoa Butter and Essential Oils Excellent Face and Body

Good morning! Coffee Soap!


Good morning! Just like a fresh brewed pot of coffee, this coffee bar is warm and invigorating.
Mixed in with a rich scent of brazilian espresso coffee , cocoa butter and brazilian almond oil.

Weather you need a “wake me up” in the morning or need a great deodorizing bar at your kitchen sink, this soap is for you!
French Cafe au Lait With Cocoa Butter Soap (Handmade Soap)

100% Pure Hawaiian Kona Coffee Soap

Naturals Bar Soap Kona Roast Coffee contains an all natural blend of the finest coffee beans from Hawaii.

The Brazilian coffee soap holds a special place in my heart! I believe that every coffee soap we sell at natural handcrafted soap is the best that particular region has to offer, and I know that many of you truly appreciate the quality and the scent.

The soaps are also very moisturizing with a subtle scent that stays with you throughout the day.

Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap Bar with Cocoa Butter and Essential Oils
Gently exfoliates dead cells and stimulates circulation.

Featured On… * NBC * MSNBC * CNN * Good Morning America * Washington Post *

Handmade soap for each skin type

Handmade Soap for each type of skin

To get a beautiful skin, choose softer soaps and PH neutral , which help to clean it without aggression.
See below how to care best for your case.

-Dry Skin:
Need a quick clean and a good dose of moisturizer. There are moisturizers soaps .
Brazilian Oil Soap ,Almond Hazel Nut Soap ,Oatmeal and Stout ,Hawaiian Kona Coffee Soap .

-Oily Skin:
Lemongrass,Citrus ,Peppermint,Clays,Kelp Soaps,Copaiba Soap,Dead Sea Mud ,Volcanic Ash .
Calls for more intense cleaning and light moisture, preferably with a gel-based products.

-Sensitive Skin:
Oatmeal, Goat’s Milk,Buttermilk and Unscented Soap .
It is advisable to use products with soothing substance such as chamomile and fennel. Products for children are also indicated.

-Normal Skin:
Olive Oli Soap, Palm Olive Soap,Almond Hazelnut Soap, Lavender, Jasmine,Goat’s Milk,Buttermilk,Herbs,Clays,Coffee ,Citrus Soaps.
Soaps with a bit of moisturizing agents are sought for this skin type.

Combination skin
Butter and Goat’s Milk are great for combination skin

Face to face with the enemy

Almost every woman is always trying to be dressed up with sunscreen during the day, and also the best beauty creams exposed on their counter top of the bathroom. But few give importance to basic care: FACIAL SOAP


The face is the part of the body exposed to all attacks, including our own (conscious or not), any mistake we make is literally in the face. Therefore, great care is time to move anything in it, if you do not want to parade around in a burqa .

And they care not restricted only to the brands of cosmetics, sunscreens and the quality of the makeup, the attacks against the skin can be where we least expect it: even in that sacred moment, called bath.

That’s right, this little time reserved for you to feel a true protagonist of commercial soap may have as the villain of that seemingly harmless foam.

Our skin requires a lot of care, and face even more. And the first step of care is cleanliness, according to Fabio Lucca Perfect dermatologist, the Clinic Stockli, São Paulo, is precisely the task of preparing the skin to receive the treatment creams.

“Soap is the first step, it removes grease and cleans . That is why is so important a special soap.

“The soap as a decreasing agent can act on the components for each type of skin, “adds Dr. Fabiola.
And the converse is also true: the face should not be used in the body.
“A facial soap for acne skin make the body dry out .”. That I recommend to use ones a week on body and every day face.


Now, for those who like practicality, she beckons with an alternative. “The soaps used on the face may be the same if used in body moisturizers, ” explains Dr. Karla assed.
You can try Goat’s Milk are Great soaps for body and face

Treatments should be specific to each skin type . Oily skin and acne, in addition to creams to control the oiliness and pimples, they must also use their own natural soaps,.

has a line of facial soap for oily skin which includes Facial Soap for Skin with Acne.


Wedding Party with lavender soap

Wedding Party with lavender soap
Provence lavender soap is the soap with lavender from southern France and is also one of the most prestigious lavender soap in the world.
These luxurious, handmade soaps have a wonderfully light, fresh scent and come in the following colors/scents: White (light floral scent), Lavender
Palm Oil Wild Provence Lavender with Shea Butter Soap
Lavender Soap is made with best available lavender essential oil from France.

Provence of France Lavender Soap amazing scent feels like the french country side.
Rich lather, bits of lavender flowers and rose petals with the relaxing scent of lavender in this beautiful soap.

Provence Lavender – Egyptian Geranium soap cleans and balances the complexion by removing excess oils without drying your skin.

Rich lather, bits of lavender flowers and the relaxing scent of lavender and jasmine in this beautiful soap.
Provence Lavender / Jasmine Grandiflorum with Sea and Rose Clay Face and Body Soap

Provence Lavender with Dead Sea Mud and French Rose Clay Soap
Cleanse and remove any dirt particles, impurities and toxins from your skin.